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The Devil's Acre Penny Fortune Cards


Learn more about the campaign, view the reward levels and make a pledge here! There are strictly 100 decks being produced, hand numbered and signed so grab yours before they're gone. If you have any questions or need assistance in using Indiegogo (we know this is a new process for many people!) don't hesitate to contact the team throuh the campaign page.

The Devil's Acre, named after the notorious London slum, is a unique divination deck brimming with shady characters and famous landmarks of the Victorian era. 

Foggy backstreets and gaslights set the tone, there is a real immersive atmosphere created by the artwork. Although this is digitally drawn, there is a girtty and aged feel to the cards, with the images flowing into each other, like snapshots from a classic tale weaving together, telling fortunes to the reader.

Read an interview with the Indie Deck Review team here 


"The art has a hushed, moody tone and an old-world vibe - like stepping into a darkened, velvet lined parlour room. Or maybe HG Wells' time machine.
Either way, the sense of time frozen in place is tangible."
- Magpie Tarot