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What influences our personalities and our reactions to life and our paths? The stars and the planets have a strong affect on our lives, have you ever stood on the seashore and watched the waves playing over the dancing seas? The moon causes this effect on these masses of water, the sun effects plants and many animals intuitively follow the patterns of the heavens. Many ancient civilisations studied and even worshiped the skies, finding higher wisdom there. I like to think of us as microcosms of the universe, made up of starstuff, in touch with the energies and conversations ocurring up in the skies above us. I study astrological charts with this in mind.

Birth Charts

At our moment of birth, the current positionings of the planets and their current energy states may well influence our experiences and our paths, rememeber that time in human terms is linear and restrictive, we need to view Astrology in a more open sense. Birth charts are something we can work through, it reflects our whole life path, so something we may struggle with when we're young is something we can overcome as we advance and develop, if we are aware of the issues and how we can use our strengths to overcome them. It's not set it stone, we do have free will.

Karmic Astrology

If you are interested in the concept of past lives, or an avid believer, your birth chart can help you explore the kamic journey of your soul. There are points in your chart which indicate your previous life karma and your current incarnation's goal, what you need to achieve in this life. It's likely you've already experienced some of these feelings, or it could be that you are completely unaware of your calling. But what is for sure is that once you find your path, you will feel a sense of coming home, so to speak. This could be work, a moral calling, it could purely be learning how to deal with something which has caused you problems throughout life. Whatever it is, your chart can tell you what, and how.

If you're interested in knowing more about your chart, take a look at the services below. To have your chart created, I will need your place, date and time of birth. If you do not know the exact time, this can be worked with, but th emore accurate the better as positionings can often change very quickly in a short space of time.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for your report to be completed as there is a lot of time required to interpret your chart. If you are in the UK this will be posted out to you and you can have this sent digitally also.


Big 3 report

This is a breakdown of the Sun, Moon and your rising sign. These are considered the main 3 points which make up your personality. This is a digital report with no chart.


Full birth chart & report

If you'd like a full report and your birth chart image, this will bring into play all of the planets, houses, signs and aspects affecting all areas of you and your life. This is a digital report with chart included.


Karmic reading

This report looks at your birth chart and can give you information on experiences from your previous life, your strengths and what you need to overcome in this life for your soul's journey.